Tips and Tricks for Subway Surfers

When it comes to an everlasting or endless runner game; subway surfers is everyone’s favorite. It’s a super addictive fun game with a young and hard to catch skater boy as a protagonist who is caught doing spray painting by the guard and his watchdog. The only way you can go further in this game is by quickly moving as far as you can.

Every now and then you get hit by a train, collide with something or the officer may catch you and these are the moments we hate the most; as are exciting game comes to an end. Achieving higher and higher prime score is the aim of every subway surfers lover.

Tips and Tricks for Subway Surfers that helps

To help you get rid of this frustration of losing the game. We have gathered up some of the most useful ones from the tips tricks guide subway surfers for making you win limitless keys and coins.

Best of Tips and Tricks for Subway Surfers

Best of Tips and Tricks for Subway Surfers

So, below are the tips and tricks for subway surfers.

Use a jetpack to jump high

This is one of the best subway surfer cheat codes. You can jump really high by using a jetpack.

  • Find out the jetpack
  • Put it on
  • Until your jetpack runs out of fuel fly around
  • And, then as soon as you collect the last coin, swipe up
  • You will be able to jump up in the air
  • And, you might even land up on the top of a train if you jump at the right time.

Use move combinations

According to tips tricks guide apk, one must use move combos. When your game starts getting faster and you are unable to keep pace with it, then these moving combinations can make all the difference. While flying head fast in the train, you can use these to cancel jumps or to get more coins. This is the most used subway surfers tricks and cheats for android.

Some of the most used combinations are as follows:

  • To instantly jump instead of rolling: Roll + Jump = Cancels
  • To dash towards the left in the middle of air: Jump + right or jump + right + right

Hoverboards for escaping last minute crashes

Whenever you know that you are going to get collided into something, then to save your life instantly double tap and activate your hoverboard. You will find end number of tips and tricks for subway surfers app but nothing can beat this one as it acts as a life saver.

To get a permanent hoverboard you need more number of coins than to get a temporary one. And, if you don’t have enough coins in your hand, then you can change the time and date of your phone to get a hoverboard.

To get free coins watch ad videos

If you do not have money to spend to get coins for playing the game, then you should watch the video ads that come in the ap. If you watch one video then you earn two coins that too completely free, so what more do you need.

Keep your boosters upgraded

Your boosters can help you in more number of ways than you know, so it’s essential to keep them upgraded.

To upgrade your boosters:

  • Open the game
  • Go to the shop
  • Click on the boosts button
  • Upgrade them (it will only be upgraded if you can afford the upgraded premium)

It’s always good to follow tips and tricks for subway surfers unlimited coins and keys, but you should never hack the game. You may get infinite coins and keys by doing so but it’s dangerous and illegal, so you should always avoid such malpractices.

We hope these unlimited subway tips tricks will help you get higher scores easily and master this fun loving game faster. You may also like iPhone X & iPhone 8 features and specifications

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